Intuitive Machines, the American company responsible for launching Odyssey to the moon, announced that the spacecraft successfully landed on the lunar surface a week ago. This marked the first time in more than 50 years that an American spacecraft has accomplished this feat. However, the landing was not without its challenges as a technical problem was discovered as the craft approached the lunar surface.

Odysseus had to use an experimental laser landing system developed by NASA to land safely. The spacecraft carries supplies and instruments from NASA to the moon. Despite rolling onto its side after landing, Odyssey was able to transmit data from the moon, Intuitive Machines reported.

In addition to its successful landing, Odysseus has also attracted attention from various websites advertising products and services such as camping equipment, firearms, garden tools and more. It seems that Odysseus’ trip to the moon has sparked interest in a wide range of industries and audiences.

Intuitive Machines expressed hope to hear from Odysseus again in the future and expressed gratitude towards NASA for their support during this mission.

By Samantha Johnson

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