Researchers studying the Terracotta Army in Xi’an have discovered that the shoes worn by the archer statues show a high level of craftsmanship during the Qin Dynasty. After 50 years since its discovery, the Terracotta Army continues to reveal secrets about ancient life in China. The statues provide insight into the soldiers of the Qin Dynasty, who unified China under Emperor Shi Huang in 221 BC.

The shoes of one particular statue, that of a kneeling archer, caught the attention of researchers. They recreated replica shoes using ancient techniques and materials and found them to be extremely flexible and comfortable. The shoes are made from layers woven from silkworm tree fibers, offering stability and durability.

What sets these shoes apart is their unique construction, with a sole consisting of multiple layers bonded together. The design ensures optimal comfort, support and durability for soldiers. The heels are made from absorbent materials to help in wet conditions while the anti-slip soles allow for a firm footing on tough terrain.

Despite only about 2,000 terracotta warrior statues excavated so far, researchers continue to uncover more about life during the Qin Dynasty. The skill and craftsmanship of the creators of the Terracotta Army is as remarkable as the military power they represented. The shoes of the terracotta warriors provide insight into daily life and technology during this time period.

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