Did you know that the final pavilion to enter the EPCOT Planet Showcase at Walt Disney Planet was Norway in 1988? That is ideal it really is been 35 years because the new pavilion joined the 11 nations featured in EPCOT’s central attraction! Every single as soon as in a though I like to take a moment to chair the Imagineer of the subsequent pavilion that may join the lineup. Will it replace the current pavilion or will it be brand new to build a fortunate quantity 12? Is the quantity 12 fortunate? I do not consider sobut possibly It can be!

Back to the subject at hand, I believed today’s weekend activity may be yet another round of proposals for the new Planet Showcase Pavilion. I will not even cheat. Definitely, I am biased and all my votes are firmly cast for Australia on the other hand, for the sake of the challenge, I am going in a fully various path.

This round, my choose for the new fictional Planet Showcase Pavilion is Greece! I hope you study that in the voice of an Olympics announcer with a mixed accent. This is my attitude, meals. The finish. Halloumi, Tzatziki, Calamari, Moussaka, Dolmades, Spanakopita you get the thought. So significantly flavor in a single kitchen. If that is not sufficient, culture, music, tradition, Oh effectively! I want every thing. Picture a mini version of Soarin, flying more than the Greek coast across the Aegean Sea and about Santorini. There would be dancing and celebration in a My-major-fat-greek-wedding-festival in style.

Apart from Australia, that is what I want to see. Greece. What would you envision for the new EPCOT pavilion and why?

Photo by Johnny Africa on Unsplash

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