Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz has called for new elections in September, arguing that the move would gain international support for Israel and reduce divisions in society. He made this announcement at a press conference on Wednesday, highlighting the potential benefits of holding new elections.

However, despite Gantz’s demands, there are currently no immediate consequences. He did not threaten to leave the war cabinet if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not comply with his demands. Nonetheless, Gantz could potentially benefit from new elections as polls show that the centre-right National Union party he leads would be the strongest faction.

According to recent polls, Netanyahu’s Likud party is experiencing a decline in popularity among voters. If new elections are held and Gantz maintains his current poll results, he could potentially become the next prime minister. The official date for the next parliamentary elections in Israel is only in October 2026.

Netanyahu’s Likud party rejected Gantz’s demands, citing the need to keep the government running until all war goals are achieved. The party believes early elections could paralyze the country, divide society and jeopardize efforts to secure the release of hostages.

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid also called for the removal of the current government to facilitate the return of hostages. Netanyahu’s critics accuse him of not taking responsibility for allowing the massacre at Hamas on October 7. Despite joining the war cabinet after its start, Gantz is seen as playing a moderating role in government.

The political landscape in Israel remains contentious as debate continues over potential new elections and leadership changes.

By Samantha Johnson

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