According to the Ministry of Finance, Israel’s state budget deficit at the end of January 2024 increased by 11.6 billion shekels, or 0.6%, over the past 12 months. This resulted in a deficit of 4.8%. Despite this, the government realized a surplus of 2.5 billion NIS in January 2024 compared to January 2023. In contrast to the previous month, government spending in January 2024 was only NIS 41.2 billion, an increase of NIS 15.9 billion from January 2023. Additionally, state revenues in January amounted to NIS 43.7 billion shekels, which is NIS 700 million less than in January 2023. The Auditor General of the Ministry of Finance also made changes to Israel’s debt management strategies by increasing the placement of shekel bonds on the domestic market by NIS

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