Israel has recently carried out its 30th airstrike in Syria this year, targeting Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and other Iran-aligned militias. The attack on the consulate building specifically targeted Mohammad Reza Zahedi, Iran’s top general in Lebanon and Syria, along with his deputy and other Quds Brigade officers. The killing of Zahedi marks the most senior Iranian officer to be killed since General Qassem Soleimani, underscoring the controversial nature of targeted attacks on foreign military leaders.

While both Iran and Hezbollah have shown reluctance to engage in full-scale war, Israel must be careful not to escalate tensions further. An attack on the consulate could prompt Iran to respond more aggressively, potentially leading to a conflict neither side wants. Israel must tread carefully and consider the consequences of its actions in the ongoing conflict between Tehran and itself.

The killing of General Zahedi is a dangerous escalation of the conflict between Israel and Iran. While previous attacks did not attract much attention, this year’s 30th attack was different because it targeted a building next to the Iranian embassy in Damascus, which housed the consular department. This is unprecedented and highlights the increasing tension between the two countries.

Israel has been carrying out airstrikes against targets linked to Iran in Syria for several years now, but this latest attack marks a significant step forward. It shows that Israel is willing to take risks and escalate tensions with Tehran despite warnings from international leaders.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been present in Syria for several years now, supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime against opposition forces. However, both Assad and Russia have accused Iran of providing weapons and troops to fight against ISIS terrorists.

Israel has been accused of carrying out targeted assassinations against foreign military leaders as part of its ongoing campaign against Tehran’s nuclear program. However, such actions are considered taboo by many countries around the world.

In conclusion, Israel must exercise caution when carrying out military operations in Syria if it wants to avoid further escalation with Tehran. The killing of General Zahedi marks a significant step forward in this ongoing shadow war between two nations with competing interests.

By Samantha Johnson

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