Comedian and political commentator Jon Stewart and former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers there was a heated discussion about the state of the economy for the duration of an episode of Stewart’s show of the exact same name, “The Challenge with Jon Stewart.”

Summers argued on Friday that the US government’s stimulus measures have led to inflation, increasing rates and wages.

“What occurred to us is that we had a big stimulus and an economy that could only generate so substantially.” So we had a big level of demand, and these big levels of demand kept raising rates and raising wages,” he explained. “But it ended up getting, you place as well substantially water in the bath, you place as well substantially demand into the economy and you got higher and increasing rates.”

Speaking about wages and employment, Summers mentioned: “There are specific illnesses you can have exactly where there is a drug, and it has side effects, and everyone hates side effects, and no physician desires their patient to endure side effects. But if you do not deal with the illness, you could have a larger challenge down the road.”

Stewart, on the other hand, he hit back, saying: “Stock industry assets are up 150%. CEO salaries elevated by 1,500%. Workers’ wages have not elevated at all. I feel you happen to be misdiagnosing the illness.”

“The most critical challenge in the American economy is the division involving these like you and me, who are pretty fortunate. That is why we want a approach and strengthening of the financial workforce. and printing dollars can do substantially?” Summers asked in response.

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Speaking later about the financial recovery, Stewart mentioned: “This pandemic has been the initially time that the government, in my view, has performed what it must have performed in a crisis.” When you appear at the stimulus payments, you know, 70% was employed for rent and meals.

“And if you appear at the recovery in the pandemic versus the recovery in 2008, when you stimulated the economy at the level of demand, jobs fell in the pandemic and then rose once again.” The recovery in 2009 was arduous, but the stock industry did properly. So our fiscal policy and our monetary policy have usually been on the side of corporate easing,” he added.

“If you speak to African-American voters, if you speak to Hispanic voters, you speak to voters who do not have college degrees, they feel the country’s greatest challenge is inflation,” Summers countered. “When you could see that this has been really thriving, our fellow citizens who do not reside as comfortably as you and I have quite a few inquiries.

Touching on the topic of corporate income, Stewart told the former finance minister: “But what you happen to be not speaking about is not all that inflation was the stimulus. The tools we have, although, are generally telling somebody, everybody’s paying far more for gas and groceries, and that is seriously tough. So here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to place ten million of them out of perform so we do not all have to share the burden. Why do not we attack corporate income in any way? Mainly because it really is estimated to be 30% inflation, 40% inflation?”

Summers responded by saying he did not feel it was “a tenable view that all corporations have all of a sudden come to be greedy.”

At that point, Stewart interrupted Summers, pointing out that there had been tapes and reports of corporate executives touting their elevated income for the duration of earnings calls.

The former Treasury secretary previously mentioned the Federal Reserve must not be afraid of the current banking crisis to ease its campaign to curb inflation.

“It would be pretty unfortunate if, out of concern for the banking method, the Fed slowed its price of price hikes beyond what was acceptable provided the credit squeeze,” Summers mentioned for the duration of an interview with Bloomberg.

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