The birthplace of Luka Modric, a renowned Croatian football player, is located at the foot of Velebit in Zaton Obrovacki. However, it is now a ruin after it was set on fire by Serbian aggressors during the war. Despite its current state as a ruin, it has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors seeking to learn more about the life of one of Croatia’s most successful football players.

Recently, a travel agency in Zadar received an unusual request from Azerbaijan to visit the birthplace of Luka Modric. Three Chinese women came to Croatia specifically to see Modric and the “fire” against Armenia. They were hoping to visit a museum or some sort of exhibit dedicated to his life and career. However, they were met with an empty ruin when they arrived at the location.

The owner of the travel agency, Teo Kanjer, explained that he was worried about the possibility of mines in the area that could prevent them from walking too far. Despite this concern, he decided to take them on a tour through Stanovi stadium, where Luka started his football journey. Unfortunately, they encountered another obstacle – a padlock on the gates which required them to paint over it with bars in order to enter.

Despite this challenge, one of the women recognized the location from Modrić’s biography and excitedly pointed out that it was once an old parking lot known as “Iž”. It’s fascinating how much knowledge these young tourists have about Modrić’s life and career, despite not being able to see any exhibits or museums dedicated specifically to him.

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