Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson has announced that he plans to return to the field once he fully recovers from his hamstring injury. He made it clear that the health of his body is more important than the wishes of fantasy football managers who want him to play.

Since sustaining the injury in Week 5, Jefferson has been placed on injured reserve and will not return until he is 100 percent fit. Despite being eligible to practice since November 8th, the team may choose to hold him out for Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears in order to take advantage of the upcoming bye week.

Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell explained that the team prioritizes Jefferson’s long-term career with the Vikings over their desire to perform well this season. He emphasized that Jefferson’s health must be fully restored before he is allowed back on the field, even if it means missing a few games.

While some fantasy football fans may be disappointed by Jefferson’s absence, they should understand that his health is what ultimately matters most. After all, without a healthy Justin Jefferson, there will be no chance for him to deliver those big plays that make fantasy football so exciting!

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