Koppert has won first prize in the international Fruit Logistica Innovation Award Technology for its release system for ‘Mirica’, a biological solution. The award was presented in Berlin on February 9, and it recognizes innovation throughout the fruit and vegetable supply chain. According to Tim Bosinga, Product Manager at Koppert, “Innovation lies at the core of Koppert’s DNA and is the result of our continuous product development.”

The innovation that Koppert is showcasing is the replacement of plastic product packaging with corrugated cardboard. According to Koppert, this change creates a “natural habitat” for beneficial Mirical bugs. Specifically, cardboard folds allow the bugs to “hide and better distribute” during transport, which helps protect predatory bugs from harm and ensures they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Additionally, this new packaging reduces clumping while improving bug distribution in crops, which aims to improve performance and whitefly control.

What makes this innovation unique is that corrugated cardboard strips are fully compostable, labor-saving, easy to locate, and dispense more accurately than traditional plastic packaging. This means that farmers can rely on them to help manage pest populations effectively while also being environmentally conscious.

Mirical is a generalist predator that feeds on greenhouse whiteflies, tobacco whiteflies, eggs, tomato leaf moth caterpillars, moths, two-spotted mites, aphids

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