NIU Langone Health is committed to providing valuable insights on various health topics through its faculty members. In a recent article by Stella S. Yi, MPH, PhD, in STAT News, she emphasizes the importance of disaggregated data in addressing health disparities within the Asian American population.

Dr. Howard Weintraub has also highlighted the significance of inflammation as a predictor of events over cholesterol levels in patients at high risk of statin intolerance. This suggests that a deeper understanding of patient problems beyond cholesterol levels may be necessary for effective treatment.

Sean Heffron, MD, warns about the potential impact of holiday eating habits on heart health in an article on HuffPost. Meanwhile, Gregory Katz, MD, provides insight into the Portfolio Diet and the effects of electrolyte powders on sodium levels in separate sections in Health.

Samantha M. Dunham, MD, discusses the importance of discussing perimenopause with healthcare providers in Harper’s Bazaar. Marc K. Siegel, MD, examines the potential link between coffee consumption and reduced severity of COVID-19 in another article for Harper’s Bazaar.

Martin Backer, MD, offers guidance for safe and healthy holiday celebrations during COVID-19 pandemic in Newsday while Shae Datta, MD, discusses hippocampal shrinkage associated with cognitive decline risk in a segment on ReachMD.

Overall NIU Langone Hospital—Long Island is dedicated to addressing a variety of health issues and concerns through their expert faculty members’ insights and research findings.

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