During his recent appearance on Rai Due’s Bellevue program, Matteo Salvini confidently discussed his leadership skills and abilities within the League. He acknowledged the presence of intelligent individuals, but believed he still had a lot to offer and was not ready to retire just yet.

When asked about potential contenders for his position, Salvini curtly responded with “No.” He emphasized that the League’s congress would take place in the fall, expressing a desire to avoid stagnation in his leadership role.

Salvini also shared some interesting details about his friendship with Giorgia, mentioning their light-hearted activities such as playing card games together. The two seemed to have a competitive spirit, with Salvini jokingly referring to them as “two weasels” who hate to lose.

Alongside Salvini’s political comments, the show also featured information on various types of piping and fittings, including Incoloy 825 pipe fittings, alloy steel fittings, copper and nickel fittings, brass fittings and more. The inclusion of this technical information offered a fascinating mix of political news and industrial materials knowledge.

By Samantha Johnson

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