Lecta presents a wide variety of face goods for numerous self-adhesive applications. Amongst the wide variety are papers such as Creaset, Eurokote, Metalvac, Termak and the newly introduced “Reci” papers created from recycled fibers. These Reci documents are a testimony of Lecta’s commitment to the circular economy and environmental protection.

In addition to its line, Lecta also introduces Linerset CCK and Linerset Glassine release paper, obtainable in yellow and white. These papers serve as a robust base for additional complicated self-adhesive applications, offering exceptional excellent and overall performance.

Lecta’s established presence in the label wrap market offers them the chance to participate in a conference organized by AVA on the subject of “Securing the future provide of glass paper”. The conference, scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, will be held at the fair.

Moreover, Adestor bi Lecta, a essential player in the Group’s self-adhesive components sector, presented its new business enterprise tactic. This tactic is aimed at consolidating its position as a leader in the market and strengthening its part as a modern day companion in the market. Adestor is also hunting forward to expanding its variety of goods and solutions for the labeling market, which will outcome in considerable development possibilities.

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