Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević has announced that the analysis of the landslide at Jakuševec landfill did not cause increased concentrations of gases and did not otherwise threaten the health of citizens, as previously claimed by the city’s opposition. According to the independent Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Medicine, in the period from November 11 to 15, limit values were not exceeded for mercaptans or for some other gases that the opposition had said were exceeded.

The mayor also stated that he still has information that at that time there was no work or waste disposal in that part of the landfill. He denied accusations that the landslide was caused by dumping bio-waste in Jakuševac, stressing that bio-waste is composted and mixed municipal waste is disposed of in Jakuševac. In addition, Tomašević announced that on December 12th, there will be a proposal to rebalance the city budget for 2023 and 2024. The rebalance for 2023 foresees an additional HRK 50 million allocation, which will belong to ZET and Zagrebački holding, because by subsidizing the situation of rising prices of communal services and public transport was avoided.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Tomašević also discussed plans for capital investment projects related to green and digital transition projects in Zagreb. He emphasized that these investments are being made with funds from both local sources and European Union funds and will focus on projects such as building schools and kindergartens, solarizing public institutions’ roofs, and investing in sustainable infrastructure.

Before the conference began, Tomašević also announced a program to distribute firewood to vulnerable Zagreb residents who use wood as their primary source of heat. About 200 families will receive four cubic meters of high-calorie firewood each, collected from storm debris earlier this year.

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