Lorain County Public Health is committed to protecting the well-being of individuals and has implemented a variety of programs to protect the environment, as noted in a recent press release. The organization has established an entire department dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy environment in the district. This department conducts inspections at a variety of waste management facilities, including landfills for household and construction waste and demolition waste, compost facilities, waste tire piles and open dumps. The purpose of these inspections is to prevent the spread of germs on the water supply, as highlighted in the announcement. Maintaining water quality is key to preserving environmental health.

One important aspect of protecting water quality is the proper maintenance of home wastewater treatment systems, known as septic systems. Malfunctioning septic systems can leak germs and pollutants into nearby streams, rivers and lakes, leading to water contamination. There are more than 20,000 septic systems in Lorain County alone, half of which were installed before 1970, the release noted. Recognizing the problem of septic systems polluting local waterways, the state recently mandated an operation and maintenance program. This program aims to assist Lorain County Public Health in monitoring the county’s septic systems to prevent water pollution. Every septic system in the county must now be enrolled in the program, and homeowners must renew their permits every three years, according to the release.

During this process, Lorain County Public Health will provide instructions to homeowners regarding any necessary repairs, upgrades or replacements that are needed for their septic systems. In addition, the health department will offer educational resources to homeowners, including recommendations on maintaining and extending the life of their septic systems. To ensure the health department has accurate information about septic systems in the county, homeowners are encouraged to visit LorainCountiHealth.com/sevage. In an effort to reach every household with a septic system, Lorain County Public Health plans to distribute information by mail or email, according to the release.

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