Doctoral student Stephen Gordon of Keithville and senior civil engineering student Emily Nolasco of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, earned the Michael E. Argent scholarships for their work in mining-free technologies.

Gordon works at Louisiana Tech’s Technology Center (TTC) in the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, where he researches fly ash-based geopolymer rapid curing techniques for 3D printing applications. He is a member of Louisiana Tech’s Associate General Contractors/North American Society for Trenchless Technology (AGC/NASTT) student chapter and has earned numerous awards for his research, including a 2022 Trenchless Research Award for a new technique for creating underground geopolymer pipe materials with low carbon emissions.

Nolasco has served as president of AGC/NASTT for the past year and has spearheaded several initiatives, including a fundraiser that helps the organization provide Christmas for local families. She has attended multiple research and industry conferences on behalf of Louisiana Tech. She completed internships at Gilchrist Construction Company, LLC, and Sustainable Design Solutions, LLC, where she gained experience in the wastewater and heavy construction sectors.

“It is a pleasure that NASTT, an organization of active professionals and academic researchers, finds value in the work I do and has given me the opportunity to represent my school and provide me with funding to continue my studies and research,” said Gordon of the award. “I am very grateful to my mentor and faculty advisor, Dr. Sһaurav Alam [SWEPCO Endowed Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Technology and Associate Director of Research at the TTC], for his guidance in my studies as well as his encouragement to apply for this scholarship. I am grateful to Dr. John Matthews [Director of the TTC]dr. Collin Vick [Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research for the College of Engineering and Science]etc. Leland Weiss [Director of Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering] for their kind support.”

“Being president of the NASTT organization has opened many doors in the no-excavation construction sector. “I could not be more grateful to my professors who encouraged me during my tenure to improve my education and expand my network,” added Nolasco. “They definitely played a big role in getting me this scholarship.” I want to thank this organization for allowing me to attend various conferences organized by NASTT, which allowed me to dive deeper into my career. Being able to win the Argent Memorial Scholarship is an honor. Hard work really pays off.”

The North American Society for Groundless Technology awards up to five Michael E. Fellowships each year. Argenta to students and members of the organization. The scholarship is named after one of the organization’s founders and an early leader in the trenchless technology industry. Awarded to students who have the potential to make a transformative contribution to mining-free technology. Award winners must submit a 500-word essay about the industry and attend the No-Digg conference to qualify.

Students were awarded scholarships at the 2023 No-Dig Show in Portland, Oregon.

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