On the tragic day of Reformation Day 2023, Labrador Kex stayed by his owner’s side until their last breath. The victim, Tino E., was brutally attacked and killed in Landsberg, Saxony-Anhalt. Kex, a loyal and loving companion to Tina E., witnessed the attack firsthand and remained by her side until the police arrived.

Despite the horror of the crime, it was the perpetrator, Mario G., who ultimately brought about Tina E.’s untimely death. Mario G., ex-husband of wife Tina E., had a history of conflict with the couple over custody of their daughter. On the day of the crime, he rode his bicycle from his home in Leipzig to Sietzsch with an intention to confront Tina E.

The investigation revealed that Mario G.’s actions were deliberate and brutal. He attacked Tina E. from behind, resulting in her fatal injuries. Despite installing video cameras in her home and taking precautions for fear of Mario G., Tina E.’s efforts were in vain as she ultimately fell victim to her ex-husband’s violence.

Labrador Kex remained loyal to his owner until her last breath, emphasizing the bond between people and their pets. The perpetrator, Mario G., has been arrested three and a half weeks after the crime and will soon face trial for his crimes. The family of Tina E. is left grieving for their loss but also grateful for Kex’s unwavering loyalty in those dark times.

By Samantha Johnson

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