MACON, Ga. (VGXA) — Macon Mental Wellness Matters met Friday at Just Tap’d for their connection and mental wellness session.

Participants gathered at Just Tap’d to partake in the MMHM lunch and understand series from 12:00 p.m. to two:00 p.m.

In earlier weeks, the mental wellness group met for sessions on women’s and men’s mental wellness.

MMHM says: “Whether you are new to therapy or want to achieve a far better understanding of mental wellness, this occasion is for every person.

Their events strive to give an atmosphere that supports, connects, and educates attendees whilst offering a platform for them to share their experiences.

“The Lunch and Understand series will go over the sensible approaches mental wellness can advantage the lives of guys, girls and their relationships,” says MMHM coordinator Andrea Cooke. “Talks will consist of each mental wellness experts and these with counseling practical experience.” These will be truthful, transparent conversations to cut down the effect of mental wellness on every day life. We also hope to develop a bond for our neighborhood,” MMH stated.

Keep tuned for future events by following MMHM on Facebook.

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