Macquarie Group’s green investment division has launched a new renewable energy business, Aula Energi. The company plans to develop, build and manage wind, solar, and integrated battery projects across Australia and New Zealand. Aula Energi will have an initial portfolio with an expected capacity of 4 gigawatts, with planned projects spanning all Australian states.

Lachlan Creswell, head of Macquarie Asset Management’s green investment team for Australia and New Zealand, said the new deal would diversify and grow the company’s onshore portfolio as investor demand for renewable energy asset opportunities increases. “Australia’s energy transition requires an acceleration in the deployment of new generation from renewable sources,” he said.

Aula Energy’s business model is designed to encompass the full “develop, build, own, operate” project lifecycle. The construction of the Boulder Creek Wind Farm in Queensland is expected to begin in 2024. The initial portfolio includes large onshore wind farms in Western Australia, which could have a total of 2.4 GW.

This expansion of Macquarie’s green investment division marks a significant step towards increasing renewable energy production in Australia and New Zealand while meeting the growing demand for investment opportunities in this sector. With plans to diversify and increase its portfolio onshore, Aula Energi is well positioned to play a key role in the energy transition of both countries by focusing on long-term partnerships and access to capital.

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