Our orthopedic specialists in Maine are revolutionizing sports medicine by applying state-of-the-art procedures that shorten patient recovery instances and provide superior benefits. Our concentrate is on treating acute sports injuries utilizing novel biological remedies that preserve the body’s all-natural tissue and make use of its innate healing skills for lengthy-term positive aspects. In addition, we use minimally invasive strategies, like percutaneous tenotomy utilizing Tenex, platelet-wealthy plasma injections, and higher-resolution ultrasound technologies, to relieve chronic tendon and fascial discomfort. These procedures, amongst other folks, are out there in our workplace.

One particular of the sophisticated strategies we use is higher-definition ultrasound technologies, which enables Dr. Christian Bigosinski to accomplish much better image good quality and give more rapidly diagnoses. This state-of-the-art tool enhances our potential to accurately assess injuries and figure out the most proper course of remedy.

F. Lincoln Avery, MD, specializes in the Meniscal Cartilage Implant process, which entails replacing torn meniscal tissue with a collagen implant. This revolutionary method represents the subsequent phase in biologics and promises to increase patient outcomes in the remedy of meniscal injuries.

Kate E Quinn, DO, makes use of percutaneous tenotomy, a non-invasive process that makes use of ultrasound power to target and repair diseased and broken tendons and fascia. Applying this technologies, Dr. Quinn can proficiently address tendon and fascia problems devoid of the have to have for invasive surgery, resulting in lowered recovery time and enhanced patient comfort.

Kristian Bigosinski, MD, also makes use of platelet-wealthy plasma (PRP) injections to repair broken tendons. Applying the healing things in the patient’s personal blood, these injections stimulate the body’s all-natural healing processes and facilitate the repair of tendons and fascia. This customized method delivers individuals a promising remedy choice for tendon and fascia discomfort relief.

At our workplace, we are devoted to advancing the field of sports medicine and supply our individuals the most revolutionary and powerful remedies out there. Applying a mixture of biological therapies, minimally invasive procedures and state-of-the-art technologies, we strive to give our individuals with optimal benefits and accelerated recovery instances.

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