On Monday, Mandai’s employees worked tirelessly to complete 745 system upgrades related to the user experience in just one day. This dedicated day was focused on creating improvements and upgrades directly suggested by the company’s users, partners, and online communities. Teams in Tel Aviv, London, and Warsaw put aside their current work to concentrate on addressing over 2,000 suggestions and UKS issues that had accumulated over several weeks.

The driving force behind this initiative is the belief that user experience (UX) is paramount. Ila Narushevitz, director of product design at Mandai, explained: “This year we decided to pay special attention to the issue of user experience. We set an ambitious goal to develop and correct hundreds of proposals that came from our customers through a concentrated effort in our offices around the world.” The teams addressed a variety of customer feedback, from minor visual changes to text corrections and finalizing important features to improve the user experience.

Work teams on Monday successfully fixed and upgraded 745 features related to the user experience, emphasizing user involvement by presenting each improvement to the customer who proposed it before releasing it to the public. This collaborative approach demonstrated the immediate impact of user feedback on the development of the platform and strengthened the relationship between Mondai and its customers.

Mandai has always valued the impact of a smooth and intuitive user experience on the day-to-day work of clients and places significant emphasis on client relationships within its corporate culture. The success of the hackathon demonstrates the potential of customer-centric development, highlighting the importance of incorporating customer feedback to drive innovation and maintain product relevance. By actively involving customers in the process, Mandai not only solved specific system needs but fostered a sense of community and creativity while establishing a deeper connection with its customers.

By Samantha Johnson

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