Salt can have a negative impact on meat when cooking, as it has the ability to draw water out of the meat, making it tough and tasteless. To avoid this, it is advised to avoid putting salt on meat.

Instead of taking the meat directly from the refrigerator and starting to cook it, it is recommended to microwave it first for one to two minutes, depending on its thickness. Then, quickly fry both sides until they react a little on the surface. This will help to seal in moisture and enhance the flavor of the meat.

The ideal temperature for cooking meat is at least 55-60 degrees Celsius for optimal flavor. According to Mr. Vekinis, medium rare is the best way to eat meat, with a slightly red interior and a cooked exterior. Adding a little oil during cooking is also a personal preference.

While these suggestions may differ from the advice of celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, they are based on scientific knowledge about cooking. A new book called “Physics in the Kitchen” provides an in-depth look at how certain cooking methods and ingredients work together to create delicious meals.

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