NICHD staff profiles can be found on our website, as well as through our Instagram and LinkedIn series. To learn more about the institute’s culture and staff, you can visit Get to Know NICHD. Our NICHD Research Profiles page highlights the efforts and activities of grantees and interns.

Dr. Rouault is a distinguished scientist who serves as Chief of the Division of Human Iron Metabolism at NICHD and is also a US veteran. Dr. Gomez-Lobo directs the pediatric and adolescent gynecology division in the NICHD’s Division of Intramural Research. Dr. Cassis leads the gene expression division and heads up the developmental genetics and epigenetics group in the NICHD’s Division of Intramural Research. Dr. Le Pichon directs the Neurodegeneration Development Unit in NICHD’s Division of Intramural Research, while Dr. Grewal oversees the Division of Population Health Research within NICHD’s Division of Intramural Research.

Dr. Cernich serves as Deputy Director at NICHD, while Dr. Bianchi is its director. Dr. Dasso leads NICHD’s Division of Cell Cycle Regulation and serves as Scientific Director for the division within DIR (Division of Intramural Research). Dr. Storz is a senior research fellow in NICHD’s Division of Environmental Gene Regulation and Associate Scientific Director for DIR (Division of Intramural Research). Ozato is a senior researcher in the Department of Molecular Genetics of Immunity at NICHD.

Visitors to our website can access full profiles on all these staff members, along with other information about their work at NICHD.

In addition to that, we also have an Instagram series called #WomenInScience where visitors can see inspiring stories from women scientists working at our institution.

If you want to learn more about our culture, staff or research activities, you can check out Get to Know NICHD or visit our LinkedIn profile for updates on new developments.

Finally, we also have an online resource that provides detailed profiles on all grantees and interns funded by NIH under our institute name – The National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) – this page offers insight into their ongoing projects, achievements and impact.

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