Meghan, Duchess of Sussex recently launched her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, via her Instagram page. Although the brand details are still limited, the account features pictures of flowers and Markle in the kitchen. The brand’s logo is displayed on its bio, which reads “from Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Founded in 2024.” In less than two weeks, Markle has already accumulated over half a million followers on her Instagram page.

The trademark filing has revealed that Markle plans to sell household items such as towels and carafes, as well as food products. However, speculation about the potential range of products that could be included in her brand is still circulating among British tabloids. They suggest that Markle’s brand may also include makeup, body lotions, shower gels, soaps, bath salts, hand creams, fragrance oils, air fresheners, incense, pet care products, lamps, garden tools and even houses for birds. The Daily Mail further suggests that if someone can dream of something they can eat or sit on it or grow it or write it or see it or smell it then chances are Markle will be planning to sell it.

Despite this speculation about American Riviera Orchard’s product range and launch date being unknown at present time but with such a huge following already gathered on her Instagram page and the fact that she has previously ventured into lifestyle sector with Tig which she shut down after announcing engagement to Prince Harry . It’s clear that Meghan has an eye for what sells and is ready to take on the world once again with her new brand venture.

By Samantha Johnson

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