Whitewater High School Science National Honor Society students have been volunteering to mentor Sarah Harp Minter’s Elementary Science Olympiad team for the past three years. These passionate and dedicated mentors visit the Mountain Lions on Friday mornings, bringing hands-on activities and games that help students understand and strengthen their knowledge for the district competition.

Minter Enrichment Teacher Stacey McClanahan, 1st Grade Teacher Christy Sung, and Whitewater High School Science Teachers Kathryn Dupree and Shelly Kozlowski work together to facilitate this collaboration between students. They share a strong passion for science and are committed to inspiring a love of science in the young minds of the Mountain Lions.

The mentors not only help students prepare for competitions but also support them during major events. They are proud to be a part of the Whitewater STEAM bus, which is a community initiative focused on promoting STEM education. This shared passion for science has led some students to continue competing in science olympiads even in high school.

Whitewater High mentors show a strong desire to develop relationships with the young students they mentor. Minter is grateful for their support and dedication, as it helps her team improve their science skills and prepare for future competitions.

By Samantha Johnson

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