Metsa Group is set to invest heavily in the development of its Mantta paper mill through a significant investment program. The company aims to modernize the mill and extend its lifespan through these investments, which are part of its Future Factories strategic program for the tissue business. This program seeks world-class efficiency and environmental performance in tissue paper production.

The planned investment program is worth around 100 million euros and will be realized over the next five years. The focus of this investment will be on developing the factory’s production and environmental efficiency by modernizing paper machines and processing lines, as well as improving energy and water efficiency. Metsa Tissue, a subsidiary of Metsa Group, aims to ensure the long-term continuity of efficient local tissue production in Manta. The program also supports the company’s goal to produce fossil-free production capacity by 2030.

The first phase of this investment program involves a new line of hand towels that will produce hand towel paper based on virgin fibers specifically for the Finnish market. Preparations for this investment are already underway, with plans to have the line operational by 2025. Further investments will be announced as plans progress.

Joonas Kukkonen, Vice President, Supply Chain, Forest Tissue Finland and the Baltics at Metsa Group, stated: “Local tissue production means local jobs and improves the sustainability of society. This investment program for the Mantta factory is a logical continuation of our ongoing Future Factory investment in Mariestad, Sweden, and our planned investment in a tissue factory in the UK, as well as several other investments in our international factory network.”

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