Juan Ramon Collado, a renowned lawyer who has defended prominent figures in Mexico such as former president Enrique Peña Nieto, has been under investigation for money laundering since 2015. Confidential reports obtained by EL PAIS reveal that the lawyer used a complex network of accounts in Andorra, the Netherlands, Panama and Hong Kong to move his wealth.

Reports indicate that Collado, 60, had at least two accounts in Andorra with a total of 18.9 million euros and managed the rest of his assets through Dutch instrumental companies to protect his identity. He also invested more than half of his Andorra assets in variable income funds and shares in companies such as Volkswagen and Apple. His close associate Jaime Jesus Sánchez Montemayor has been charged with money laundering related to Collado’s finances.

Despite claims that his assets are justified, Collado’s assets remain frozen in Andorra while the investigation continues. The Andorran justice system is focusing on Collado’s family environment, including his sister and brother-in-law, as part of the ongoing investigation. The lawyer’s lavish lifestyle, including the purchase of jets and luxury apartments, has also come under scrutiny.

Collado’s legal problems extend beyond Andorra, with investigations in Mexico uncovering alleged money laundering activities. His arrest in Mexico City in 2019 for money laundering led to the reopening of the case in Andorra and the seizure of his assets. The lawyer’s ties to powerful figures in Mexico, such as Peña Nieto and businessman Raul Salinas de Gortari, further increased interest in his financial affairs.

Amid ongoing legal battles and investigations, Collado’s wealth and ties to prominent figures in Mexico continue to draw attention and scrutiny from authorities in both countries. The intricate web of accounts and investments the lawyer uses to manage his wealth has raised questions about the origins of the funds and the extent of his involvement in potential illegal activities.

In conclusion, Juan Ramon Collado is facing serious charges for money laundering across multiple jurisdictions due to an intricate web of accounts that he used to move his wealth across multiple countries including Andorra, Netherlands, Panama and Hong Kong. Despite claims that he has legitimate assets he is under investigation for money laundering activities by both Mexican authorities as well as international agencies like Interpol who are working together with other countries around the world to investigate this complex case involving one of Mexico’s most influential lawyers representing high profile individuals such as former presidents Enrique Peña Nieto among others who have been accused or arrested for corruption or other criminal offenses.

By Samantha Johnson

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