Microsoft has announced a major boost to its artificial intelligence (AI) efforts, with the appointment of Mustafa Suleiman as the head of Microsoft AI. Suleiman is a co-founder of Google-owned DeepMind and former head of Inflection, an AI company he also co-founded.

Nadella highlighted the bold innovation in a statement announcing Suleiman’s appointment, noting that he has known and admired him for several years for his visionary work in artificial intelligence. Along with Karen Simonyan, another co-founder of Inflection, Suleiman will lead Microsoft AI, a new organization focused on advancing AI tools like Copilot, as well as other consumer products and research in the field.

The move is expected to strengthen Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI, a strategic partnership that Nadella sees as essential to the company’s AI innovation. Several members of the Inflection team are also joining Microsoft, bringing with them expertise and experience in AI research and product development. Kevin Scott will continue in his role as CTO and EVP of AI at Microsoft, overseeing AI strategy and partnerships. Rajesh Jha will lead the development of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in collaboration with Suleiman and his team. The influx of new talent is expected to accelerate Microsoft’s AI initiatives and help the company realize its vision of making AI accessible and useful for everyone.

Microsoft’s focus on AI innovation reflects its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and making it widely accessible to people around the world. This strategic move positions Microsoft as a leader in the development of artificial intelligence and sets the stage for future advancements in this area.

Google’s DeepMind is known for being a pioneer in artificial intelligence, which gives Microsoft an advantage through its alliance with OpenAI. Although Google launched its own AI assistant called Gemini to compete with OpenAI ChatGPT, some issues affected its introduction. As reportedly, Google is currently in talks to license Gemini to Apple for upcoming iPhone features which could affect Microsoft’s competition in smartphone market.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s focus on innovation has been supported by adding key talents such as Suleiman and Simonyan who bring their expertise and experience in researching

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