Microsoft announced on Monday that it has hired Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI and the company behind ChatGPT. The news comes after Altman was suddenly ousted as CEO of OpenAI last week, causing confusion in the AI world. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed excitement about bringing Altman and Greg Brockman, another co-founder of OpenAI, and other executives from the company to lead the new advanced AI research team.

Altman’s removal from his position as CEO of OpenAI was confirmed by both he and Emmett Shear, who took over as CEO of the company. Scheer described his new position as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, while Altman’s removal follows an internal review at OpenAI. The company also announced changes to its management structure, with Brockman stepping down as chairman of the board but remaining as company chairman. These changes occurred as OpenAI creations such as ChatGPT and the Dall-E image generator brought generative artificial intelligence into the mainstream, sparking debates about its use and ethical implications.

Microsoft’s hiring of Altman is a significant development for both companies and marks a new era in AI research. The tech giant has been investing heavily in AI for several years now and has been working closely with OpenAI to develop cutting-edge technologies such as ChatGPT. With Altman’s expertise in AI and experience leading successful companies like Y Combinator, Microsoft is poised to take its AI research to the next level.

In addition to hiring Altman, Microsoft also announced that it is investing $10 billion in AI over the next five years. This investment will be used to fund research projects across various areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and more. With this investment in place, Microsoft is well positioned to become a leader in AI research and innovation for years to come.

Overall, Microsoft’s hiring of Sam Altman marks a significant development in both companies’ efforts to advance AI research. As generative artificial intelligence continues to disrupt industries worldwide, it will be fascinating to see how these two powerhouses work together to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology.

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