In the aftermath of Javier Maile’s landslide victory in Argentina’s presidential election this week, reactions from beyond its borders are pouring in. The ultra-liberal candidate received 54% of the vote, besting Peronist Sergio Massa, and sparking mixed reactions across Latin America and beyond.

Former United States President Donald Trump was among those who congratulated Maile on his election, expressing his pride in him. Meanwhile, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also offered his congratulations to the Argentine people on Maile’s victory, expressing hope for progress and freedom in Argentina. The Biden administration invited Maile to work together on a range of issues including the economy, human rights, democracy and the fight against climate change.

Reactions to Maile’s triumph within Latin America are also varied. Mexican Chancellor Alicia Barcena congratulated the Argentine nation on their victory, while Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not comment on the result. El Salvador’s president, Najib Bukele, used the occasion to mock his Colombian counterpart by tweeting a message that read: “Congratulations Javier Miley! Now let’s see if you can bring as much peace and prosperity to your country as I have brought to mine.” Venezuela’s opposition leader María Corina Machado also offered her congratulations to Maile.

As for reactions within Argentina itself, former president Mauricio Macri expressed hope for the future after his candidate Patricia Bullrich lost in the first round of voting.

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