A harrowing incident occurred in Sitni Gornji when a school minibus crashed into a resident’s yard, injuring five children and the driver. The driver managed to get the children out unharmed, but they were transported to the Split hospital with minor injuries. Locals expressed outrage over the authorities’ negligence in maintaining the roads and ensuring their safety for traffic.

The resident expressed his condolences for the driver and pointed out that the road was in poor condition due to rain. The lack of safety measures such as fences or bumpers on the road was highlighted as a significant factor in the accident. One resident described the road as “really ugly” and expressed frustration at how little attention the authorities are paying to their community.

Despite being traumatized by the experience, family members are grateful that everyone involved escaped without serious injury. This incident has raised concerns about the need for improved road maintenance and safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring in similar situations.

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