The 2024 MLB season was the focus of 100,000 simulations, which revealed that the Astros and Dodgers would face off in the World Series. West Coast teams dominated both the American League (AL) and National League (NL) playoffs in the Model. The projections included win-loss records for all 30 MLB teams, which were used to seed the six-team playoff.

The AL East was expected to be highly competitive, with most wins going to the best teams in the division. In contrast, the AL Central had a clear leader, while other teams struggled to keep up. The AL West also had a clear favorite, with other teams unlikely to perform well.

National League projections also showed a strong leader in the NL East, while both NL Central and NL West also had top teams. The playoffs featured exciting matchups, with top seeds vying for a Wild Card berth.

In the end, according to simulations, it was predicted that the Dodgers would emerge victorious over the Astros in the World Series matchup. Both teams put on strong performances throughout the season and provided fans with an exciting glimpse of what to expect during the 2024 MLB season.

Overall, these simulations provide valuable insights into how each team performed during simulated games and offer some predictions on who might win when it comes time for real games.

In conclusion, while there is no guarantee that these predictions will hold true when it comes time for real games, they offer valuable information on how each team is expected to perform during simulated games.

By Samantha Johnson

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