In 2024, Moran Iron Works (MIV), a leading factory that specializes in bespoke design and engineering solutions, was awarded a major contract by SMS Group to produce two granulation basins. These basins, each weighing 164,000 pounds and standing 59 feet high and 21 feet in diameter, play a crucial role in the process of granulating blast furnace slag to help decarbonize the cement industry. This new technology provides superior quality and lower carbon emissions compared to traditional Portland-style cement while also reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

The project began in January 2024 and involved transporting the pool via a high wire corridor to Rogers City Port. From there, it was loaded onto a barge for shipping to its final destination on the Great Lakes. The completed 2023 granulation basin is currently being loaded onto a barge at Port Calcite in Rogers City. This project represents a significant step towards promoting environmentally friendly practices in the cement industry and highlights the importance of using innovative technology to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency. MIV’s participation in this project underscores their commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions for a more sustainable future.

This contract award demonstrates MIV’s manufacturing expertise and their commitment to advancing sustainable solutions in the construction industry. With this new green technology, they are helping reuse materials while reducing carbon emissions, providing high value and quality for customers while also contributing to environmental protection efforts.

In conclusion, Moran Iron Works (MIV) is playing an essential role in decarbonizing the cement industry through its production of two granulation basins for SMS Group. Their involvement showcases their manufacturing expertise and their commitment to advancing sustainable solutions in the construction industry. This project highlights how innovation can be used to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency while also promoting environmentally friendly practices.

By Samantha Johnson

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