Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, gave an impromptu speech on April 3. His statements were quoted by both Lebanese and Israeli media. Nasrallah expressed his views on the Zionist enemy, stating that they do not comply with UN Security Council resolutions or the demands of the international community.

Nasrallah stressed that the armed conflict on the Lebanese-Israeli border will end only if Israel stops combat operations in Gaza and other fronts. He also pointed out that some people focus solely on the number of victims and ignore the achievements of the resistance. Nasrallah called for action to ensure victory in the battle, stressing the need to defeat the Zionist enemy and those who support them.

In addition to reviewing the situation on the Lebanese-Israeli border, Nasrallah emphasized the importance of strategy and unity in achieving their goals. He called for a determined effort to emerge victorious, stating that the enemy and his supporters must be defeated. Nasrallah’s speech sparked discussion and debate in both Lebanon and Israel, with his strong words echoing among his followers and causing controversy among his critics.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah also mentioned how some people overlooked important achievements made by resistance forces in recent years, such as bringing Israel to its knees during Operation Al-Aqsa flood.

Nasrallah also addressed criticism from some quarters regarding focusing too much on military operations instead of engaging with international diplomatic efforts towards peace settlements. However, he rejected this argument stating that peaceful solutions are only possible when there is a clear winner.

Nasrallah’s speech was seen as a rallying call by many of his supporters who have been calling for a more decisive approach towards ending Israel’s aggression towards Lebanon.

Overall, Nasrallah’s speech highlighted how Hezbollah continues to view Israel as a threat to regional stability and security, and underscored their commitment to defending themselves against any attack or violation of their borders.

By Samantha Johnson

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