Navy Capt. Xavier Lugo, the head of Task Force Lim and the Chief of the Defense Department’s Office of Digital and Artificial Intelligence, explained how Alpha-1, a portfolio of business tools and capabilities in the CDAO, plays a crucial role in laying the groundwork for artificial intelligence and machine learning technology development. According to a report by Federal News Network, Alpha-1 is gaining traction as an AI and ML scaffolding provider.

The features offered by Alpha-1 include data-as-a-service annotation, testing and evaluation, as well as federal model catalogs. One of the initial capabilities introduced by Alpha-1 was data tagging, which was identified as a significant gap across DOD services and components. Some program offices had their own data tagging services, but they came with certain restrictions and limitations such as data ownership and sharing issues.

Data tagging is a critical component that supports various projects within the US Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. For example, it is used for Navy’s Project Harbinger, Coast Guard’s maritime object detection efforts, and Marine Corps’ Smart Sensor program. Through these initiatives, DOD leverages Alpha-1’s capabilities to enhance AI and ML deployments while driving innovation in defense technology.

Lugo emphasized that data tagging is essential to support various projects within DOD services and components. He noted that this capability helps to address some of the gaps identified across different parts of the department while ensuring that data ownership and sharing issues are resolved.

In conclusion, CDAO’s Alpha-1 portfolio of business tools and capabilities plays a vital role in laying the foundation for AI and ML technology development in defense technology. Data tagging is one such capability that has been introduced by Alpha-1 to address some of the gaps identified across DOD services while ensuring that data ownership issues are resolved.

By Samantha Johnson

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