The Navy sports teams have had a winning record of 103-57-9, resulting in a .636 winning percentage. While the men’s basketball team lost to UC San Diego last week, they will face San Diego later on. On the other hand, the women’s basketball team suffered a loss against Mount St. Marie’s and will play against Binghamton, Quinnipiac and Abilene Christian later this week.

The men’s cross country season has come to an end, while the women’s swimming and diving and rifle have an off week this week. The volleyball season has also ended, and the water polo season is now over. Looking ahead, football will face SMU, while men’s swimming and diving will have a bye week. Wrestling is also scheduled for this week.

Overall, despite some losses in recent weeks, Navy sports teams have had a strong showing throughout the season. With several teams having off weeks or bye weeks, fans can look forward to some exciting action in the near future.

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