Jill Cockson, owner of the Chartreuse Saloon, is a Kansas City Royals fan for 12 years. She is also a business owner in the Crossroads District and is trying to maintain order and stability amid the uncertainty surrounding the stadium sales tax vote.

Adkins, on the other hand, owns The Pairing, a business in the Crossroads District. He stacks his inventory while hoping for the best but worries about the future of his business and the district as a whole. Adkins describes the atmosphere in the area as tense and anxiety-inducing. He notes that other business owners share his concerns and feel terrified and stressed.

Coxon echoes similar sentiments as she awaits the results of the vote. She emphasizes that preserving cultural and artistic scene in Raskršće is essential to her community’s identity. Both Adkins and Cockson believe that people who contribute to their neighborhood are what truly make it special, not any infrastructure or stadium. Despite facing challenges, they remain passionate about their neighborhoods and committed to preserving their unique character in Kansas City.

By Samantha Johnson

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