Mike Gordon, a marketing technology company CEO with extensive experience in the industry, has been appointed to lead Marigold, a Nashville-based company. Gordon was previously CEO of ArisGlobal, a Massachusetts-based company specializing in clinical safety and regulatory solutions. Before that, he led the Altus Group, a Toronto-based real estate group.

Gordon’s appointment comes as a replacement for Welford Dillard, who served as Marigold’s CEO for seven years. Dillard will now assume the role of CEO at Avid, a media and entertainment technology company based in Burlington, Massachusetts. In his new position at Marigold, Gordon expressed his excitement to continue the progress already made by the firm and to provide innovative marketing solutions that exceed the expectations of global brands.

Marigold was formerly known as CM Group and rebranded in 2023. The company currently has 100 employees in Nashville and consists of various companies including Campaign Monitor, Cheetah Digital, Emma in Nashville, Liveclicker, Sailthru, Selligent and Vuture. With its diverse portfolio of companies and services, Marigold continues to be a leader in marketing technology solutions for businesses worldwide.

By Samantha Johnson

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