During an official visit to the USA, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galan emphasized that Israel feels a moral obligation to continue the war as long as there are hostages held in Gaza. The lack of a decisive victory in Gaza could lead to further conflicts in the region, he warned. However, during this visit, the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan. This is the first time such a resolution has been approved since the beginning of the conflict.

The US abstained from vetoing the resolution, which is seen as a significant development. The US explained that the decision did not represent a change in policy but was made because the resolution did not condemn Hamas. The UN Secretary General emphasized the importance of implementing the resolution, stating that an inexcusable omission would be. He also condemned Israel’s halting of aid deliveries to the northern part of the Strip.

Israel responded by calling off a mission to Washington that had intended to discuss alternatives to the ground operation in Rafah with the Biden administration, saying that the resolution harmed both the war effort and negotiations to release hostages. Hamas welcomed

By Samantha Johnson

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