Florida’s Supreme Court has recently cleared the way for stricter abortion regulations, and Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a ban on abortions after the sixth week to take effect in 30 days. This move is seen as an attack on women’s reproductive rights by President Joe Biden, who has slammed the decision as “outrageous.”

The decision will make it even more difficult for millions of women in the state and across the South to access critical medical care. Abortions are currently allowed in Florida up to the 15th week of pregnancy, but this time frame will now be significantly shortened, making it harder for women to even realize they are pregnant before the ban takes effect.

Conservatives have been pushing for greater restrictions on abortion for years, and about 20 states have now banned or restricted access to the procedure. Despite this, polls show that most Americans support continued access to safe abortions. President Biden and the Democrats are hoping to use their support for abortion rights to win over voters in the upcoming presidential election.

Amid political and legal battles over abortion rights, other news outlets cover a range of topics including animal welfare, tourist discounts, colorism in families and digital commerce. The ongoing conversation over abortion rights reflects deep divisions in American society and the importance of reproductive rights as a key political issue.

By Samantha Johnson

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