At Cooper University Health Care, a new membership-based primary care practice has been introduced, offering a more personalized level of care to patients. This new model of care allows patients to join direct primary care for a monthly fee of $138, separate from their insurance premiums. The features included in this model are unlimited primary care visits without direct insurance billing, access to a healthcare provider’s cell phone, guaranteed same-day or next-day appointments, extended appointment times, access to the MiCooper electronic health system and a variety of diagnostic services, preventive exams, medically necessary referrals to specialists and much more.

Leading this new offering at Cooper are family physicians Dr. James Runfola and Leonard Ridilla, who have worked in the DPC model office for the past five years. According to Runfola, this model can benefit patients with chronic health conditions as well as those who want access to their doctor at any time. Ridilla added that while this model may not be right for everyone, patients who want to be more engaged with their primary care physician will have the opportunity to do so at Cooper. This level of access allows for same-day and next-day appointments, as well as the ability to speak with a provider over the phone after hours.

Dr. Greg Taylor, medical director at Cooper Care Alliance, noted that this unique model provides patients with a personalized level of care, offering more time and attention from physicians. The launch of the program coincided with another exciting addition to the Cooper Health team: former U.S. District Judge John Vasquez, who will serve as the healthcare provider’s first law officer. The office of direct primary health care is located at 89 N. Haddon Ave. in Haddonfield.

By Samantha Johnson

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