The Hays County Commissioners Court has recently approved the creation of a new program that aims to address mental health and substance abuse issues outside of the criminal justice system. This initiative will be led by the newly appointed Behavioral Health Coordinator within the Hays County Health Department.

The coordinator will be responsible for developing and leading the behavioral health program for the district, which includes addressing mental health disparities in different aspects of everyday life, such as at home, work, school, and leisure activities. Additionally, the coordinator will develop a plan for how the district will deal with mental health in the future.

The need for this position was identified by the Hays County Counseling Team, who recognized the lack of coordinated mental health resources in the county. The goal is to establish a program that can better identify and coordinate mental health resources for the community.

2nd Precinct Commissioner Michelle Cohen expressed confidence in the department’s efforts to address mental health issues, citing lingering disparities in mental health and substance use in the county. The new initiative is expected to play a key role in addressing these ongoing challenges. For more information about the county health department and its programs, individuals can visit the department’s website.

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