The NFL’s decision to adopt a new kickoff rule has sparked curiosity and debate about how it will affect games this season. The play involves the players packed together and frozen in place until the shot is caught, then all mayhem ensues. While some see it as a positive change that will provide more scoring opportunities, others question whether it is just fool’s gold.

The NFL, now known as the UFL, abandoned a game that the NFL is now adopting. This means what the NFL once considered trash has turned into treasure for the league, but some wonder if it’s just a short-term gain. With the NFL looking for ways to increase scoring, the new kickoff rule could be just what they need, but at what cost?

Some coaches have expressed concern that the new play could lead to disaster, with skilled returners finding openings in the body group and easily reaching the end zone. The league has acknowledged that they may have to make rule adjustments as they see how the season plays out.

The new rule is a one-year experiment to begin with, and at least 24 votes will be needed to continue in 2025. Some teams have already expressed opposition to the change, and if more teams join next year, the experiment could be short-lived. The uncertainty surrounding the new rule has many questioning how it will affect the game and whether it will be successful in the long run. The impact of this dramatic rule change will be felt when games begin in September.

By Samantha Johnson

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