The NFL’s competition committee proposed several rule changes that were approved by the league at this year’s meeting. One of the most significant changes is the elimination of benching during games as a punishment for unsportsmanlike conduct. In addition to this, the league also approved a change in how fouls are called on plays that result in a change of possession.

Another proposal made by the competition committee was to allow penalties for major fouls, such as unnecessary roughness, to be applied to games when there are fouls by both teams. This will ensure consistency in enforcing major errors and not ignoring violations in these situations.

On Monday, it was announced that two-thirds of the league’s teams had approved the changes, making them official part of the rulebook. One of these changes includes allowing teams a third challenge if either of the first two challenges were successful. This gives teams more opportunities to challenge incorrect calls on the field and ensures fairness for all players involved in a game.

By Samantha Johnson

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