Saint Alphonsus Health System, a nonprofit health system based in Boise, Idaho, has recently acquired three facilities from Saltzer Health, a physician group located in Nampa, Idaho. The facilities sold include two urgent care centers in South Nampa and Meridian, as well as an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in Meridian.

The transfer of ownership comes after Saltzer Health was closed on March 29 by Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Health. The urgent care centers were initially closed on March 29, but are expected to reopen in May when St. Alphonsus installs the necessary IT equipment and electronic health record (EHR) system. The ASC, on the other hand, continued to operate without interruption under the new ownership.

In January, Saltzer Health filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice (VARN) for the Meridian Operations Center, indicating that the closing would affect 216 employees. St. Alphonsus has stated that it intends to hire all remaining ambulatory surgery fellows who pass the pre-employment screening process. Additionally, hiring is currently underway for urgent care positions, with current colleagues from Saltzer Health being given priority for these roles.

Saltzer Health Imaging at Ten Mile Clinic in Meridian has also acquired Intermountain Medical Imaging, a separate entity from Intermountain Health despite their similar names. The recording center is expected to reopen on April 8 under new ownership. Intermountain Medical Imaging has confirmed that more Saltzer Health Imaging employees will be offered positions and that additional employment opportunities may arise in the future.

By Samantha Johnson

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