As the sports director of Shakhtar, Stanić sat on the bench in the Champions League match against Barcelona just a few days after he and Pušić had sat on the bench of the champions of Ukraine. Pušić took on the role of head coach while Stanić served as his first assistant. The decision to sit on the bench was made by Stanić with his heart, but it happened quickly and before he could even think about it. He told that he made the decision within half an hour after receiving a call from the selector.

Stanić and Srna know each other well from their time together on the Croatian national team, and Stanić was replaced by Srna in the position of right back. Srna played for Croatia for 10 years and was also captain of the team. Stanić praised Srna’s talent and said that his decision to leave his position was motivated by Srna’s technical skills, speed, and potential for greatness.

The new coaching solution in Shakhtar is a new experience for both Stanić and Pušić, but they are excited to be part of this club. They hope to lead Shakhtar to success in future matches and contribute to its continued success as one of Europe’s top clubs.

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