Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh, has recently appointed Police Colonel Zaur Nasirov as the head of its police department. Nasirov was born in 1980 and has been a dedicated police officer for many years. He previously worked as the deputy chief of the Baku city police department for operational work and since 2021 he has been the chief of the Goygol district police department.

Nasirov’s appointment marks the second time an Azerbaijani has been named to lead the Stepanakert police force. In October last year, Police Major General Sardar Safarov was appointed to lead the patrol unit in Stepanakert.

This appointment comes after the depopulation of Artsakh, which has led to a reorganization of law enforcement agencies in the region. With this appointment, Nasirov will be tasked with maintaining order and ensuring public safety in Stepanakert and its surrounding areas.

Despite recent tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia, it is important to note that this appointment is solely related to law enforcement duties and does not have any political implications. The rest of the content is advertising and unrelated search results from online searches.

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