After winning the second round of the presidential elections, Alexander Stubb will become the new president of Finland. Stub, 55, belongs to the National Coalition Party, a liberal-conservative party with a distinctly pro-European profile. He served as Finland’s prime minister between June 2014 and May 2015 and then served as finance minister. Projections by public broadcaster Ila indicate that he narrowly defeated former foreign minister and Greens politician Pek Haavista in the election. With almost 90 percent of the votes counted, Stub is at 52.3 percent, followed by Haavisto with 47.9 percent.

The second round was necessary after none of the nine original candidates achieved an absolute majority on January 28th. In the first round, Stub finished in first place with 27.2 percent compared to Haavista’s 25.8 percent. Right-wing populist parliament speaker Jussi Hala-aho and former European commissioner Olli Rehn were clearly behind, each with around 16 percent of the vote, and were allowed to cross their fingers about their aspirations. Sauli Niiniste was Finland’s president for twelve years before stepping down to make way for Stubb’s presidency.

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