Merci Health – Lorain recently added imaging services at Wellington Primary Care, thanks to support from the Merci Health Lorain Foundation. This new addition, which includes a new X-ray machine, aims to better serve patients in the area. Lexi Michalski, Regional Practice Administrator, expressed her excitement about this new service and emphasized the importance of access to imaging services in the rural Wellington community.

The addition of primary care imaging services in Wellington is seen as a significant improvement for healthcare providers as they strive to meet the unique needs of their patients. With the new X-ray machine in place, patients can now receive the necessary imaging services at their local primary care facility. This development is particularly beneficial for the Wellington community as they now have access to convenient and essential health services without having to travel long distances.

Merci Health – Lorain’s efforts to expand services at this location reflect their commitment to improving access and quality of health care in the region. By investing in new technologies and services, Merci Health – Lorain ensures that patients in the Wellington area receive comprehensive and effective care close to home. The addition of primary care imaging services will provide an added level of convenience for patients seeking medical attention for conditions such as fractures or sprains. The new X-ray machine will enable doctors at Wellington Primary Care to diagnose these conditions quickly and accurately, allowing for prompt treatment and recovery.

Lexi Michalski emphasized that this expansion is critical for providing high-quality patient care in rural areas where accessibility can be limited. She stated that by bringing imaging services closer to home, patients can receive timely medical attention without having to travel long distances or wait for an appointment with a specialist.

In conclusion, Merci Health – Lorain’s recent expansion of primary care imaging services at Wellington Primary Care has brought much-needed relief

By Samantha Johnson

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