This offseason, IES Network was interested in hiring two former New York Yankees managers. In addition to bringing on Joe Girardi, the network also held talks with Buck Showalter about joining. While discussions with Showalter were only preliminary and did not progress further when his contract status became known, the Mets stated that they would not prevent him from pursuing the deal with DA or at any other opportunity.

Showalter, who will be part of MLB Network’s coverage this season, has previous experience as a TV analyst. Meanwhile, adding Girardi to DA is a unique circumstance, considering he was the previous manager before Boone took over. Girardi was fired after the Yankees’ 2017 season, where they reached Game 7 of the ALCS, but has since been replaced by Boone. With Boone on the hot seat after failing to make the playoffs last year, it’s unclear if Showalter would take the DA job, given the potential for an overhaul of the current manager.

In conclusion, IES Network’s interest in hiring two former New York Yankees managers highlights their commitment to bringing top-notch talent to their team. While discussions with Showalter did not progress further due to his contract status with the Mets at that time, his role on MLBN is still significant and showcases his versatility as a baseball commentator and analyst. As for Girardi’s role on DA, it remains uncertain given Boone’s struggles last year and potential changes within the team management structure.

By Samantha Johnson

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